Maritime signage

With extensive experience from maritime project signage planning, production and application, we are a proven collaboration partner for shipyards and shipping companies alike.

Our services

To make sure your project runs as smoothly as possible, we offer services from initial analysis and planning to final installations and maintenance, regardless of if the project is a newbuild or a refurbishment. Together with your staff, we go through all drawings from bow to stern to come up with a complete proposal that matches your expectations. We design every sign, from motive to layout, and convert your Cad drawings to production documentation as needed.

Manufacturing is mainly done in-house, using CNC machines and digital printers. We also have capabilities to create traditional signs with hand-made components. The key point in our production is to deliver quality products for customer satisfaction.

Installation is done by our technical staff, who have the expertise and experience as well as certifications to work on board and in shipyards. Where you or your ship is located doesn't matter for us, we are used to work in different ports and shipyards with tight timetables and dedicated deadlines. We take great pride in delivering quality products on time.

Finally, we create a complete documentation where every sign is pictured and has a unique number. We keep a copy of the project documentation for ten years, as per our contractual agreement, so that you can easily reorder to update or replace signs over time.  

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